Reasons of playing online games

The Pros and Cons of Online Gaming for Gamers

The internet is one of the best inventions in human history. It allows us to communicate with people on the other side of the world, get instant news updates and even buy stuff. So it’s no wonder that many gamers use online gaming services like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam in order to play with friends around the world, find opponents in their preferred game type, or just cross paths in some online multiplayer FPS game in agen bandarqq. However, this technology has its dark side too. Internet harassment is a widespread issue even when it comes to gaming – you only need to go back two years when Xbox Live was offline for several days due to sexist threats made by gamers against members of the Xbox staff. Or last year when Microsoft released an ad showing how gamers can enjoy playing with others online, proving that even that hasn’t been safe from the harassment.

In fact, this year’s GamerGate movement has been a prime example of how people, specifically women in gaming, have been targeted and doxxed by complacent gamers for having an opinion against them. But the problem is still going strong. This time it’s Activision Blizzard’s CEO Robert Kotick being harassed for expressing his concerns over the VR technology being too costly to implement into games when compared to its benefits. The article was titled “Activision CEO feels virtual reality tech ‘too expensive’ for mass-market” where he mentioned that exploring new directions in gaming would be financially taxing on the company when adding up development costs and making back all that money from the final product and subsequent DLCs. But gamers hated that idea and Kotick found himself under a deluge of insults and threats from angry gamers who felt like they were being betrayed for making such sensible statements.