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The world has been changing every day with the changing technology. The changes in technology are focused on changing the world for the better-making everyone’s life easier and more comfortable. The primary problem technology addresses often is the distance between two entities, which may be two people, two computer computers, or a group using the internet. There are several websites t chat like

The internet provides numerous solutions when it comes to reducing the distance between two people. These solutions comprise various social media platforms, but what if two people who do not know each other would like to get to know each other through Chat and see if they are fit for each other by a face to face meet or a virtual meeting via internet itself? This is where online dating comes into the big picture. It has been viral among everyone who wants to find someone to be attached with since the time when the internet came into existence and showed even more virality after smartphones came into existence.

Online dating and why it is viral: 

We live in different places, travel to different places, meet new different kinds of people every day in our lives or at least in different periods of our lives, if not daily. With some people, we feel they are just similar to us in many characters and traits, and some people we feel completely opposite in nature to us. How do we know this?