Detect the condition with screening


In the human body, which is composed of billions of cells, cancer may begin virtually anywhere in the body. In cancer, some of the body’s cells develop uncontrolled, causing the illness to spread to other body areas. Genetic changes that cause cancer can occur due to various factors, including errors during cell division and DNA damage caused by harmful substances in the environment. Errors during cell division and DNA damage caused by toxic substances in the background can cause cancer.Metastatic cancer has spread from the site where it originally developed to another part of the body after being diagnosed.Mammary carcinoma is a kind of cancer that originates in the mammary gland.Breast cancer may manifest itself in the form of symptoms such as a lump. However, a lump is not the only sign of the disease.

A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast taken by a radiologist. Doctors use mammography to check for early indications of breast cancer in women. Imagecare is pleased to provide the most dependable 3D mammogram screening in Middletown, New Jersey, as well as a caring staff that will treat you with respect and consideration during your procedure.

Be prepared for the procedure

A mammogram is an X-ray that takes pictures of the breast by exposing the patient to a tiny quantity of radiation. To picture each breast, it is put between two plates that gently stretch and flatten it before being photographed. A photograph is shot from two different perspectives: forward-facing and side-facing. This kind of imaging may identify any anomalies or changes in the breast, such as a lump, that may exist.

It is frequently possible to identify breast cancer early when it is tiny and even before a lump can be felt, thanks to mammography. This is the time of year when it is the most straightforward to treat.

Although mammography cannot conclusively establish that an atypical region is cancerous, the tissue will be taken and tested in a laboratory if it raises a substantial suspicion of malignancy. A biopsy may be performed with a needle or via an open surgical procedure to take the tissue and analyze it under a microscope to determine whether it is cancerous.

When your doctor orders mammography as a regular test to look for cancer or abnormalities in your breast tissue, this is referred to as a screening mammogram. The purpose of a screening test is to detect diseases in individuals who do not exhibit any signs or symptoms. During this kind of examination, a machine will capture numerous pictures of your breast and display them to you. This enables early intervention and therapy.


At ImageCare, the staff will spend the necessary time discussing your choices and treating you as a person, not simply as a patient. Besides providing a trained team, safe and proven treatments, and the latest in medical technology, they are also the most cost-effective medical imaging facility in the area. Breast screening regularly may aid in the detection of cancer at an earlier and more treatable stage. Breast cancer screening may also detect issues in the breasts that are not cancerous.