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A Brief Discussion on Nightlife Activities of Hanoi city

Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi has more number of unique facilities and things to do, more specifically at night. As compared to other cities in SoutheastAsia as well as other cities in the world this city possesses great nightlife. It has many nightclubs and plaudits which offer a lot of fun to the visitors. The best bars, live music, and also family funare some of the things included in the nightlife of Hanoi city.

Bia Hoi Junction: Simply stepping into this junction will deliver the best nighttime activities in the heritage city of Vietnam. More number of street shops existed in the city which is providing facility to sit and have fun with friends and family. Beer is a famous drink in the city where it is available at a cheap price.

Water Puppet Theatre:Thang Long water puppet theatre is one of the must-visit places in the nightlifeof Hanoi city. In case the visitors are stepping for the first time into the Hanoi city then they can enjoy the live music concert and also the local lifestyle. Only very few water puppet theatres exist in the city where the thang long is one of the best among them.Puppet dances over the water are one of the best attractions for foreign visitors also famous among the locals.

After enjoying all the things in the city if the visitors wish to step into the other famous places of Vietnam city they have to approach the famous international airport (noibai) for transit. The visitors can book a car to noibai dat xe di noi bai for safe travel.